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The South Jersey Group is a leading excavation and demolition service provider. Our roots in earth work and demolition are cemented in best-in-class services and procedures. We pride ourselves on dedicated customer service and top notch safety practices. While earthwork has become a much more prominent service, we still offer some selective demolition services. We are a company that believes in staying true to our core values based firmly on integrity, ethics and hard work. 

We offer expertise in:

- Saw cutting and removal of concrete pads or walkways
- On-site concrete crushing
- Large scale dirt grading and compacting
- Hydraulic hammering of thick concrete footings, ramps, staircases
- Land clearing

Our job sites are vigilantly managed to guarantee the entire site is safe and can be easily walked. We start our projects by cleaning any and all existing debris, recyclables and waste. There are several reasons for doing this but mainly because it reduces the potential to mix in clean material and to minimize safety/tripping hazards. We realize that the more effective we are at cleaning the site as we go, the quicker we can return the site to its most natural state possible. Regardless of scope, SJG has at its disposal all the necessary equipment and machinery to handle any project, however most importantly – we have the right level of experience in dedicated employees and project managers. This combination of technology and expertise enables us to be efficient and competitive where it matters most to our clientele – maximizing benefit from time and money spent. This in turn has allowed SJG to enjoy lasting relationships, based largely on outstanding customer satisfaction, with a large portion of our pipeline coming from repeat customers and referrals.

The South Jersey Group - Site Work, Earthwork, Landscaping, Storm Sewer, Paving and Concrete. 

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